Bearded dragon body

Head Bobbing

Head bobbing is to recognize other beardies from a close distance. Another reason for this behavior is a territorial thing going on between males. Or the males do this to impress a female.

Arm Waving

ARm waving is to recognize other beardies from a far distance. Kind of like saying, “Hello!”

Beard turns black because the beardie is really annoyed or it happens when territorial dispute goes on or is a mating thing.

Flatten body

beardies flatten out to absorb more warmth from the sunlight or they use this to make them self look bigger when they think they are being threatened.

Open mouth, if a beardies hisses with their mouth open it is a threat to stay away, but if a beardie just opens his mouth, it means that they are overheating. It helps them cool off their body temperature. Which is called gaping.

Bulging Eyes

it is normal for a beardie to bulge their eyes. Beardies do this type of behavior right before they shed the skin around their eyes, to loosen the old skin, or they may do it to thermo regulate.


beardies digest in a totally different way than we do. They have bacteria in there stomach to break down there food. But this bacteria can only break down food when the temperature is 80°F-100°F.

Catching Prey

in the wild beardies use a clever way to catch their prey. What they do is, they lay there belly close to the ground. On sand, they can feel vibrations from there prey, so they are able to detect them exactly were they are. Good method!


beardies can see colors just like humans. There are certain colors that attract them in the wild to show them their variety of foods. The colors a beardie that most attract them are: red, orange, yellow, green, and brown.

Signs of Dehydration
Dry Poo
Very lose skin
Tired (sluggish)
Less of an appetite

Soaking Your Beardie(s)
Soaking your beardie once a week is a good thing. It keeps them hydrated. Soak them in a water temperature of 85°F

The average life span of a Bearded Dragon is 7-10 years of age.

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