My Beardie Won’t Eat His Greens – What should i do?

s your Beardie Buddy a finicky eater when it comes to his so-good-for-him greens? Here are a few tips to try and increase their intake of vegetables, greens, etc…

MAKE GREENS OBVIOUS. Make sure they can SEE the greens; for example, don’t put them in an opaque dish that’s taller than your dragon. Instead, put them in a shallow dish in plain sight, or a dish they can easily see into when they are sitting in their basking site. For young bearded dragons, make sure the greens are bite-sized.

USE SUBTERFUGE. Shred something they like and gradually mix in increasing amounts of other greens or vegetables.

GIVE THEM A CHALLENGE. Put in a GREAT BIG LEAF for them to tear into. You can attach the leaf to something using a clip to make it easier for them to tear bites out of it.

MAKE THEM THINK ITS BUGS! Put greens in with superworms; the superworms are said to move the greens, making them enticing.

GET YOUR BEARDIE YOUNG. Start feeding greens from the first week you have them, and most will then relish their greens at all ages.

MAKE THEM THINK IT’S A VEGETARIAN DAY. Fool them with timing! Set your light timers to turn on the lights an hour before you get out of bed in the morning. When you get up, make your first task feeding the salad. The dragons are warmed up, having basked for an hour, and are often hungry. All there is to eat is greens… (hehe) For baby beardies, after feeding the salad, give a few crickets before you leave for the day. As for the adults, make them wait until you get home from work for ‘their’ bugs and worms!

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