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Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets?

“Are bearded dragons good pets” is one of the most common questions we get from potential new owners. This is understandable, because the concept of owning a reptile is a little out of the ordinary for most people. And the answer is a resounding yes! Bearded dragons make very good pets for a number of […]

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Using Bearded Dragon Supplements

In addition to the feeding of prey and vegetation, bearded dragon supplements should be regularly included. Providing suppplements will help your dragon get the calcium and vitamins they need. It is very important to make sure your dragons diet is supplemented with calcium and vitamins. In the wild, bearded dragons are exposed to different kinds […]

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Feeding Prey to Your Bearded Dragon

The majority of prey items normally fed to bearded dragons consist of insects. They are usually not fussy about what insects they’ll eat. There are always exceptions to the rule, though. Insects are fed live to your dragon. There are different live insects to feed your dragon that are usually carried by a local pet […]

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Bearded Dragon Feeding

Bearded dragon feeding could be considered one of the most important parts of owning a dragon. Bearded dragons, in the wild, eat a wide variety of foods. They are considered true omnivores, because they’ll eat a variety of prey items such as crickets and also consume vegetation. In captivity, providing a nutritional, varied diet is important. There are a lot […]

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Money Saving Tips for Bearded Dragon Owners

These are just some money saving tips that I have come up with. I just thought I’d pass them on to you. Whether you use them or not is entirely up to you. Buying a bearded dragon, enclosure, and cage fixtures might seem like it is going to cost quite a bit. Not to mention […]

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Bearded Dragon Housing

Providing a good home for your bearded dragon is essential in raising a happy and healthy pet. As with all aspects of dragon care, following some simple guidelines can increase your chances of being a succesful dragon owner. There are different options that you can use for housing your bearded dragon in. Each option has […]

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What Can Bearded Dragons Eat?

Feeding your bearded dragon could be considered one of the most important parts of owning a dragon. It only stands to reason that if a bearded dragon doesn’t eat, they won’t live very long. Bearded dragons, in the wild, eat a wide variety of foods. They are considered true omnivores, because they’ll eat a variety […]

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What Are the Best Food for Bearded Dragons ?

There are quite a few different brands of bearded dragon food on the market today. These are usually a dry pelleted form of food that is given to your bearded dragon. They are made up of plant and animal based ingredients and are readily available at most pet stores. If you can’t find them at […]

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How Many Wax Worms to Feed a Bearded Dragon?

Waxworms are larval moths that live in beehives. They eat the wax and honey inside of them, giving them their name. Due to their specialized diet they are a little harder to keep as long as other insects. These can be found at some pet stores or can be bought through online insect breeders. How […]