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My Bearded Dragon Won’t Eat

There are many bearded dragon owners that look forward to feeding time. They love to see their beardies chase after crickets and devour them voraciously. This is actually one of the best parts of bearded dragon ownership. It’s even fun to watch as your dragon moseys up to their food dish to to nibble on some greens. Even though this is […]

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Why Your Bearded Dragon is Not Eating

One of the most worrying things that can happen with a bearded dragon is that it will sometimes stop eating. There are a variety of reasons for this, some simple and some more complex. Temperature If temperature is too low during the day, a dragon will go off his food. It should be around 100 […]

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Bearded Dragon Shedding

All reptiles shed their skin as they grow and bearded dragons are no exception! Here’s what you will have to expect when it comes time for your dragon to start shedding. What does ‘shedding’ mean? As reptiles grow, they get rid of the first layer of skin and replace it with a new, fresh layer. […]

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Vitamins And Your Beardies

Your concern regarding the overuse of D3 or any other multivitamins is certainly legitimate. Yes, you can overdose using D3 and vitamins. The more I keep reading about the problems with the dying dragons’ liver failures, etc. I question the use of vitamin supplementation. How much are these people giving? I worry about that quite […]

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Coccidiosis in Bearded dragons

What is coccidia? Coccidiosis is an infection with a one-celled organism; these organisms are classified as protozoa and are called coccidia. Coccidia are not worms; they are microscopic parasites that live within cells of the intestinal lining. Because they live in the intestinal tract and commonly cause diarrhea, they are often confused with worms. The […]