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Bearded Dragon in the Wild : Types & Behaviours

The bearded dragon is rapidly becoming one of the most popular lizards in the reptile pet trade. At one time they were high priced exotic petsthat only a few people could own. Now they are readily available, and are reasonably priced. Well…..that all depends on your definition of reasonable. The bearded dragon’s popularity is well deserved. This animal is one of the most docile, […]

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Is a Bearded Dragon Right Pet for Me?

Is a bearded dragon right for me? This is a very good question to ask yourself before bringing one home. While bearded dragons are great pets and many people enjoy owning them, they aren’t right for everyone. If you are here reading this information, that tells me you are serious about owning a bearded dragon. Personally, […]

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What to Look for When Buying a Bearded Dragon?

There are some things you’ll want to look for when purchasing your new bearded dragon. The signs I’m going to talk about should help you out when picking that new pet reptile. In a perfect world every bearded dragon at a pet store would be healthy and ready to take home. We all know this […]

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Bearded Dragon Shedding

All reptiles shed their skin as they grow and bearded dragons are no exception! Here’s what you will have to expect when it comes time for your dragon to start shedding. What does ‘shedding’ mean? As reptiles grow, they get rid of the first layer of skin and replace it with a new, fresh layer. […]

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Bearded dragon behaviors, “languages” and origins

Bearded Dragons get their name from their ability to “puff out” a throat pouch that has prominent spikes formed from modified scales. This “beard” can also change color, becoming jet black and even more impressive. Beards are not limited to males; the females will show off their beards as well, in a very interactive communication. […]

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Bearded Dragon Breeding

Where to Start Breeding bearded dragons is fairly simple. You will need a female bearded dragon and a male bearded dragon. Our dragons start to show interest in mating in the spring when the average temperature in the house starts to rise. When She is Ready to Lay After mating, the first clutch is usually […]

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Bearded dragon body

Head Bobbing Head bobbing is to recognize other beardies from a close distance. Another reason for this behavior is a territorial thing going on between males. Or the males do this to impress a female. Arm Waving ARm waving is to recognize other beardies from a far distance. Kind of like saying, “Hello!” Beard turns […]

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Bearded dragon breeding

Age Age is an important part of breeding. Make sure that the pair you are breeding are between the ages of 2 and 5 years old. After 5 years, a beardie’s breeding success tends to decline. Health Health is an important factor. Both male and female should be in good health in order to have […]